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Othman B Ismail

Othman B Ismai, Innompic Games, Malaysia Co-Coordinator  





Othman Ismail message to the Word, Chase your dream before it's gone.



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Life Philosophy

Willing to help people who want to succeed in their life and career
as well as organizations who want to build successful ventures.

Main Message To the World

Chase your dream now before it's gone.

Professional Activities

Othman is the founder of ‎Business Performance Management Consulting (BPMS), Kuala Lumpur.

He is also a co founder of IANA Global Network Training & Consultancy.

Othman organizes and delivers Innompic Trainings.

Othman also serves as an expert and associate partner with a local government agency facilitating operational & organizational excellence.

His personal business interests include e-Business, how to achieve a benchmark company status and develop a creative & innovative company.

Professional Background

Othman Ismail acquired engineering and business education in USA. He has been working in the manufacturing and trade companies since 1998 specializing in production, retail business, export, import and customer services.

His 25-years-long experience made Othman Ismail a great expert in cross-cultural collaboration. He worked with business people from USA, Europe, Japan, South Asian countries and emerging markets. 

Othman Ismail has also great experience of working at different business development stages and in business scenarios situation.

Othman Ismail about Innompic Games and Innoball

Gaps in the invention commercialization process can be filled during Innoball simulation games. Innovation Football (Innoball) is easy to understand. Entrepreneurial strategies and creative solutions developed during an Innoball game are very effective, yet very simple. Innoball can help help any company ‒ small, medium or large ‒ from any industry, local or global to stand out from the competition and enjoy rapid and profitable growth.

Othman Ismail on Leadership

  • A leader must always be ready to prepare for the worst and lead to true worth.

  • A leader must always look both forward and backward.


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