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One of my most insightful managers and mentors once told me that my highest value for the organization is my focus on customer value.

I said that itís just a matter of empathy. I feel the pain of our customers and our clients. I want better solutions that address their pains, needs, and desired outcomes.




I was always looking for a better way to understand value. I came up with simple models and slogans to inspire others to do the same.

For example, I would say, ďValue is in the eye of the beholder, and stakeholder,Ē to remind people that you need to build awareness of the value system you are operating in.




When I realized that people were too functionality or featured focused, and not enough outcome or value focused, I would remind them to capture stories in the voice of the customer.





While value might come down to a game of managing benefits, to me, the real key is creating a shared framework for chunking up and prioritizing value.

I found the key to realizing value is creating chunks of change in the form of stories.

Bigger stories of change could be chunked up into smaller stories of change.

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I found that by chunking up stories itís possible to connect the current state with the future state, connect vision with execution, and connect technology with business outcomes.


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The way I moved the ball forward was by empowering everybody to play in the game of value creation.

I did this by creating a shared framework for creating value that included a business perspective, tech perspective, and user perspective, while working through "typesĒ of value including strategic, time, revenue, reducing cost, decreasing risk, and option value.




By creating frameworks for creating and capturing value, and enabling more people to play in the game, I opened the doors for more creativity and inspired innovation with a focus on continuous value creation.

Along the way I learned that simple lenses and language are powerful tools for reframing how we explore, experiment, and execute value creation opportunities.

But if I could only pick one tool for value creation I would choose stories as the most powerful tool to master.





Iíve set so many stages for value innovation simply by asking the people who are living the problems to imagine and share a story of what a great future state would look like.

When people donít get tangled up in the way things are, but instead are free to imagine how things might be or could be, this is the ultimate value lever.




Bringing it all back to Einstein, not only is imagination more important than knowledge, I would add that imagination is the backbone of new value creation.

Some say everyone is a leader. I would add, imagine if everyone was an innovator.

How valuable would that be to the future and to the future we are creating today?


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If you want to change the world with skill, start with stories. Stories build awareness, mindshare, and desire.

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