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Every crisis has risks and opportunities. The ethical foundation is important.






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Message to the World


Be the author of your life and write your story forward.




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Mister Innovation World 2022 award winner JD Meier, USA, Innompic Games



JD Meier innovation guru USA

I help innovators change the world

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Become a better leader with greater positive impact!

I help leaders innovate better and achieve greater, positive impact. As part of this journey, learn how to realize your potential in work and life through the power of creativity, imagination and creative vision. And master the skill of execution.


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JD Meier innovation guru message to the world be the author of your life write your stroy forward  

Think in Three Wins:

Three Wins for today,

Three Wins for this week,

Three Wins for this month,

Three Wins for this quarter,

Three Wins for this year.




JD Meier innovation guru USA

My personal Massive Transformational Purpose (MTP) is to empower and inspire individuals to unleash their greatest potential in business and life.

JD Meier



A Person of Value


From early on, my definition of success aligned well with Stephen Covey's model:

“When you have a challenge and the response is equal to the challenge, that's called success."

But, I remember the first time I stumbled on Einstein's words of wisdom:

“Try not to become a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value”.

I did a rethink. I remember thinking how success, whether defined externally or internally, still seemed like a limited world view because it was focused on individual achievement.

Value on the other hand was about contribution.

To become a person of value, to me, means to play a role in contributing to a larger story. The story of us. The story of humanity. The story of we, and what we could be.

And I remember suddenly wanting to answer this call and respond to this challenge and figure out how to become a person of value.





I looked inward, I looked outward, and ultimately I realized that the best way I could contribute and create value is to give my best where I have my best to give in the service of others.

And so I focused on my strengths. I used my strengths to inspire and empower others. I focused on enabling the genius in others to play a bigger role in the game of innovation.

Inspiring the world with innovation, high performance, and entrepreneurship!

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I fully embraced Stephen Covey's 8th Habit – I found my voice and I now help others find their voice.





In addition to inspiring people with the future, my greatest value comes down to empowering people with stories, strategies, and skills to swarm the future and hack a better world.


Sustainable Technology

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And because I am a builder of frameworks and a maker of mental models, I can empower large teams of people and coalitions to change the world better, faster, and easier with skill.


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Systemic Innovation



JD Meier innovation guru USA

If you want to change the world with skill, start with stories. Stories build awareness, mindshare, and desire.

JD Meier




Innovation Explained – The Big Ideas of Innovation All In One Place

What you don’t know about innovation can hurt you, and what you do know can help you build a better, more sustainable business.

After all, continuous innovation is the engine for business growth and it’s the backbone for a resilient business.



JD Meier innovation guru USA

The Six Thinking Hats is one of the BEST tools I've used at Microsoft to be more inclusive, solve big problems, and make better decisions with teams around the world.

JD Meier



Value-Creation Journey


I want to really focus on selling products – write once, scale many.

Write the books that change the world.

Sell the courses that build better skills for work and life.

Affiliates for products I love that really help people get better results in work and life


Value Innovator

Change Leader

Massive Transformational Purpose (MTP)

Personal Brand



JD Meier innovation guru USA

I found that by chunking up stories it’s possible to connect the current state with the future state, connect vision with execution.

JD Meier