Message to the World

Preeti Chikara, India, KIET

We all deserve the best in our lives. To achieve that we need to follow our heart and explore our maximum potential in the domain that we are passionate for.





Preeti Chikara, India, KIET

Through Innomics, the participants share their innovative ideas, get an opportunity to brainstorm along with their team members and find solutions to the problems in a non stressful, light environment.




Preeti Chikara, India, KIET

When God's benevolence showers on us, we're blessed with the most caring and loving people in our lives.


Preeti Chikara, India, KIET

Let's keep alive a child in us − the innocence, the curious nature, the ever learning attitude, the stress-free smile, the letting off attitude of anger and conflicts, and accepting change with ease.




World Innompic Games 2020

Prisha Chitkara, 8 y.o. Preeti's daughter, won the 'Multi-Talented World Changer' award in the virtual World Innompic Games 2020.

Prisha Chitkara, beautiful Indian girl

Let's love and help all around us if we wish to see ourselves grow.



IG 2020

We may be highly successful in our professions but our main purpose of life is to be good humans, and I'm proud to acclaim that I'm associated with World INNOMPIC Games and contributing in its aim to prepare loving creators and spread love and peace among humans across the world by empowering its participants with motivation to innovate.
Kudos to its founder!


Congratulations and tons of love to my heart & soul, Prisha for being the flag bearer of our country in the 4th World INNOMPIC Games 2020 and winning the title of Multi-Talented World Changer among participants from various countries. Seek your blessings!! Proud to be Indian.
Thank you Mr Vadim Kotelnikov and INNOMPIC GAMES and its Jury members & Gratitude to God.






1. Innompics provides an international platform to the participants and helps them explore their passion.

2. Through Innomics, the participants get an exposure to network internationally, share their innovative ideas and get an opportunity to brainstorm along with their team members and find solutions to the problems in a non stressful, light environment.

3. It is a wonderful platform for cultural exchange which endeavors to strengthen the bond among the team members, who have the common aim to achieve, with mutual trust and acceptance.

Dr. Preeti Chitkara, KIET about IG 2019

3rd World INNOMPIC Games, for intellectual athletes who can change the world, at KIET Group of Institutions
has left an impeccable mark on the hearts of everyone.. Mr Vadim Kotelnikov from Russia, the founder of the
prestigious games; Mr Satendra Kumar; the eminent jury members MR Kim Peng Foo from Singapore; Ms
Elena Churina from Russia; Ms Carolin Ballweg from Germany; Ms Siti from Malaysia; the student participants
from various countries including Mr Atanas, Ms Ksenya, Mr Dennis & others from Russia; from Malaysia; Mr
Sabin, Ms Laxmi Bhatta from Nepal; Bulgaria, India and others. ..all played their roles in making the
memorable...Heartfelt thanks to you all for becoming a part of KIET family and making it global... Loved to join
you all in the premiere of sMusical-Inn "Start up "Romeo & Juliet"" ...Hope you too had a great time with us...let's always stay
connected ... We'll always relish the moments spent together..



I'm pure, peaceful and powerful ...
I'm loving, wise, happy and blissful...

Happiness is always a choice... Difficult times are thrown only to test our capacities and capabilities. If handled wisely they certainly polish us into diamonds... so we should cherish those moments too.

It requires a brilliant brain and a beautiful big heart to see through the true value of people.