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Innompics vs. Olympics

Celebrating intellectual athletes ‒ innovators who change the World


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Innompics-Olympics synergy

Outstanding Mind


Outstanding Body

Key Differentiators of Innompics

Intellectual Creation Show

Constructive competition

Help spectators learn and grow

Spectators can participate in contests

There are international teams

Above politics



Innompics vs. Olympics Innompic Crew Founder's Speech at the Formal Annoucement of Innompic Games 1st Innompic Games crew, organizers, Vadim Kotelnikov, Rajendra Jagdale, Rajpal Navalkar, Othman Ismail, Hafidz Rohani

Not Just Beyond,
Above Politics

Olympics are beyond politics.

Innompics are not just beyond politics,
Innompic Games are above politics.

Innovation is about Love,
Love is above everything.

Innompics Differentiated Awards Actators Opportunities for Actators Value creayed by Innompic Games Helping People Create a Brighter Future Benefits for Spectators Benefits of Innompic Games Helping People Become Loving Creators WOW awards Creation Show Innompics Differentiated Learning Benefits Helping People Grow Contests Innompics vs Olympics, Innompic Games greater value for spectators


Olymipcs are Win-Lose competition.

Innompics are Win-Win constructive competition.

In Innompics, contestants stretch their creative capabilities in order to build a great innovation jointly.


Olympic Games focus on showcasing physical capabilities.

Innompic Games focus on showcasing intellectual capabilities
aimed at creation of innovative value for others.

Olympic Games allow spectators to watch athletes perform.

Innompic Games help spectators become “intellectual athletes
by learning from others and participating in various web-based contests.

Innompics vs Olympics - Innompic Games vs Olympic Games

Great Benefits for ALl Global Impact Benefits for Teams Benefits for Spectators Innoball: Creating a Civilizational Breakthrough About Innompics Innompics Benefits for Participants, Spectators, Countries



Relay of Innompic Messages to the World

Innompics are intellectual all-inclusive games.

Olympic Games are preceded by
an exclusive Innompic Torch Relay.

Innompic Games are preceded by
an all-inclusive Relay of
Innompic Messages to the World>>>




 90 second video introduction 


We love Olympic Games!

Yet, as you may noticed,

the World has changed slightly in the last 3,000 years.


The new World is driven by

creative, innovative and entrepreneurial people.


It needs new intellectual, all-involving Games! 


Innompic Games are the long overdue response

to these new realities.

Olympics are for athletes who stretch their physical capabilities.

Innompics are for innovators who stretch the World!





Stretching the World



Innompics will make huge positive global impact for centuries ahead
as they help millions of people
awaken, grow, apply and showcase their

entrepreneurial creativity and super-smartness


Similar to Olympic games
that inspire and stretch people for over 2,000 years,
Innompic Games
will become the World’s main entrepreneurial creativity contest
– inspiring and empowering – for centuries ahead.

Olympics are for athletes who stretch their physical capabilities.
Innompics are for innovators who stretch the World.



Bigger than Olympics



Olympic games are a global sports festival.
it is a great and profitable show as well.

Innompic games have a potential to become even greater
 ‒ and more profitable ‒
Creation Show because Innompics:

  • are more in line with the driving forces of the modern World and stretch them  >>>

  • allow spectators not just watch others compete and shine, but also participate in various entrepreneurial creativity contests and shine globally

  • provide advanced learning opportunities for those who want to create something new, especially radically new  >>>

  • are more fun to watch and participate

  • have no doping scandals ‒ no restrictions, no politics-rooted blame campaigns, no McLarens