Milestone Chart

The milestone chart of your envisaged venturepreneurial journey leads to fulfillment of your entrepreneurial vision and provides a roadmap to strategic achievements. A milestone chart is also an important tool of internal and external communication with existing and prospective strategic partners.



Description Significance Required

This column is required if you prepare the milestone chart for prospective funders






Multiple Users and Uses of a Milestone Chart




Company's Founder

Thinking in terms of milestone events can help you see the big picture of your entrepreneurial journey and organize your entrepreneurial strategies, activities and your available resources into a logical sequence of stages and steps. 

Venture Manager

Milestone-based thinking helps you create the most effective strategic business design of your venture, align it strategically, and define the priorities at each stage of your company’s development, growth, and operations.

Venture Marketer

Externally, the milestone chart serves as a 30-seconds introduction of the venture to  potential strategic partners and funders. It shows what you are attempting to do, why it is important, and how each activity relates to the required level of support and/or funding and to the likely payoff.

Venturepreneurial Team

The milestone chart provides strategic alignment, strategic motivation, and intermediate stretch goals, and helps streamline ideation, strategic creativity and intellectual teamwork.

Venture Capitalists

The milestone chart facilitates quick understanding of what the startup has achieved so far and what it is planning to achieve in future.