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Venture Management vs. Managing a Lifestyle Business

Startup venture is built around opportunities, a customer-driven idea or a new technology, not around a competence-driven idea.

Building a high-growth startup is about entering emerging market that has yet to be recognized and exploited, not about serving established customers.

Fuzzy front end make results quite unpredictable.

For startups, speed is above all; they must be first to market and are willing to sacrifice speed for thoroughness.

Success is measured by market capitalization, not by earning.

Market research is based on experiments, adaptation, and rapid response, not on analysis, review, and methodical consideration of facts.

Management is dedicated to identifying and adapting to unmet, unserved customer needs, not to delivering an operating plan.

Management is driven by imagination and faith, readiness to adapt rapidly and change, not by thorough planning and plan implementation.

Core competencies are defined by the ability to move quickly from idea to product to market, not by the ability to perform. core manager's functions.

Change management may involve turning 180 degrees at top speed, and resuming cruising speed. Itís not based of formal procedures.

Decisions are made in an entrepreneurial fashion, not through formal procedures.

Financial focus is on cash flow, not on profits.


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