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How to solve a global problem creativiely and find opportunities

Each Team Chooses the Problem To Solve

The teams are a offered a choice of global problems to be:

solved creatively

turned to opportunities.

The problems are stated as a question because a solutions are apt to arise more frequently when the right questions are posed.

A Team May Choose To Solve More Than One Problem

Any team member may select a different problem and present a solution independently from the team if he or she doesn't feel competent enough to contribute to a solution of the global problem chosen by the team. In this case, the team presents all the solutions to all the problems chosen.  Of all the solutions presented by a team, the one that gets the highest mark will be treated as the team result.




Examples of a global challenges that can be solved creatively and impressively:

How to reduce terrorism?

How to ease refugee crisis?

How to help people not just socialize online, but also grow?

How to reduce divorce rate?

How to reduce traffic jam?

How to reduce malaria-caused death rate (600,000 people die annually)  >>  Thinking of malaria as a 'tropical' disease is a huge misunderstanding

How to reduce death rate caused by rip currents?  >>  Rip currents kill more beachgoers each year than any other threat.  How to avoid / survive rip current


 Example of a Solution


Changing the World 

Innompic Games is THE SOLUTION
to 7 global problems

 Intellectual Olympics

 Growth Booster

 Creation Show

 All-inclusive Innovation Journey

 A to Z of Innovation

 Global Culture of Innovation

 Global Innovation Accelerator

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