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'WOW' and 'Gold Coin' Award Cards






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At the end of each day all team members assemble on the stage.

They stay with their eyes closed, holding a container for cards each.

Judges and valuenteers who kept half of their WOW and God Coin cards unallocated put these cards in the containers of the persons who they think deserve them most.

After judges and valuenteers have competed this exercise, team members are allowed to open their eyes and calculate their awards.

The more awards, the wider eyes. Innovation fun


Innompics-branded plates are kept in front of judges throughout the Games. Judges and Valuenteers put WOW and Gold Coin cards in a team's plate when they like something a lot. They allocate about half of their award cards during the day. The remaining cards are distributed at the end of each day to assess the overall performance of the teams.




Guidelines for Judges