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 Vadim KotelnikovOthman IsmailVladimir FesenkoRahul MoreMike ZelinRajendra Jagdale1st Innompic GamesInnompic GestureJudges 1st Innompic Games 2017 India, Jury Members, Mike Zelin Best Judge




1st Innompic Games, Judges, Jury members,Vadim Kotelnikov meeting, discussion

Innompic Judges assess entrepreneurial creativity of Innompic Teams that make presentations of their inventions, play Innovation Football simulation game and participate in other Innompic contests and activities.

Assessment parameters include inventiveness, strategies, anticipation skills, creative problem solving, creative marketing, teamwork, entrepreneurial leadership skills of the team leader, and presentation skills.

Judges are equipped with Assessment Forms. They have also Gold Coin and WOW cards that are used for quick and show-like selection of winners: teams, individuals, and ideas.


Using Gold Coin and WOW cards for quick identification of the Winners

Cross-cultural Unity Michael Zelin Vadim Kotelnikov Othman Ismail Gold Coin and WOW assessment cards Organizers Judges Vivek Atre, India 1st World Innompic Games 1st Innompic Games 2017, Judges, Gold Coin cards, WOW cards

1st Innompic Games: Judges distribute WOW cards






Distant Judges

   Distant judges were to help to assess the invention presentations made by the participating teams.

It proved to be impossible to engage distant judges at the 1st Innompic Games

because the presentations were submitted by the Innimpic Teams rather late.


 "I have been a judge many times so I know the general drill but this looks to be the funniest of all assignments!" ~ Thomas Ruddy



 Selecting Innompic Judges


Innompic Judges (InnoExperts) are experienced innovators and entrepreneurs and/or remarkable entrepreneurial creativity and innovation gurus from various countries >>>


 Tasks of and Guidelines for Innompic Judges


Assessments Innoball: Team Assessment Innoball Process Contests Assessment of Intellectual Teamwork Innoball Anticipatinf Solving a GLobal Problem Invent a New Problem Product Vision Winners Slogan Product Name Guiding Pricniples Assessment of Inventiveness Inventive Thinking Intellectual Teamwork Creative Problem Solving Think for Your Enemy Entrepreneurial Strategies Virtuoso Marketing Logo of Innompic Games: symbolic meanings A to Z of Innovation 360 WOW awards Examples Anticipation Story Telling Product Presentation Prepare to Win: Write Your Success Story Selling is Problem Solving Presentation Assessment Form Innompic Games: Assessments - innovation, innopreneurial skills, contests

Guidelines for Judges

The Guidelines help judges evaluate ideas, assess collective smartness of an innovation team, individual smartness of each team member and idea assessment skills of a team leader.

Assessment System

Presentation Assessment Form

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