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 1st Innompic Games, 16-18 September 2017, Pune, India







How To Build a Great Innompic Team

  • Ask every candidate to write his/her 1 to 3 Success Story/ies "How I Managed To Win the Innompic Gold Medal in the discipline of his/her choice".

    • The stories will help you both assess the potential of each candidate and build a balanced team that would be strong in all Innompic disciplines.

  • Have the candidates to hone and assess their entrepreneurial creativity skills at Fun4Biz

  • Having shortlisted 10 to 20 candidates, play 2-3 Innovation Football games to make the final assessment and select 5 to 10 team members

Dennis Kotelnikov, Innompic Internet Games. entrepreneurial creativity



4 teams will participate in the 1st Innompic Games 2017.

16 teams will participate in the 2nd Innompic Games 2018.

Starting from 2019, Innompic Games will be Internet-based
and involve more teams.




 Skill Requirements


What innopreneurial skills a team should possess

How individual players and teams will be assessed

Contests A to Z Innovation 360 Guiding Principles Invent a New Product Create a Slogan Innoball Blitz Contests Inventive Thinking Create a Product Name Criteria for selecting Challenges Innoball Process Product Vision Assessments Examples Innoball: EXCEED the initially desired results Benefits of Innoball Story Product Presentation Value Mantra Innompic Games - Contests Assessments Innoball: Team Assessment Innoball Process Contests Assessment of Intellectual Teamwork Innoball Anticipatinf Solving a GLobal Problem Invent a New Problem Product Vision Winners Slogan Product Name Guiding Pricniples Assessment of Inventiveness Inventive Thinking Intellectual Teamwork Creative Problem Solving Think for Your Enemy Entrepreneurial Strategies Virtuoso Marketing Global Innovation Accelerator Helping People Grow WOW awards Examples Anticipation Innompic Games: Assessments - innovation, innopreneurial skills, contests

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 Creation Show    and  Show Teams


Innompics as the Most Useful Show Creation Show Advanced Ideation Techniques Show Teams Performing Artists Teams Actators Opportunities for Actators 'Garden' and 'Kitchen' phases of the ideation process Innoball Process Innovation Gurus Kids

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* Initially, we wanted to organize the 1st Innompic Games 2017
with 4 teams only
to beta-test the concepts and technologies involved
and prepare for rapid expansion.

The 4 teams for the 1st Innompic Games
and the co-founding countries have been identified by now.

Yet, more countries want to participate in this history-breaking event,
so we are exploring the possibilities for
increasing the number of teams to 8 and
expanding the team of founders   >>>  Contact us


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