Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

As INNOMPIC GAMES are considered to be a launch of the millennium, they should be designed to thrive for centuries ahead.

Vadim Kotelnikov



Model Innompic Pitch: INNOMPIC GAMES Vision Value Mantra United Innovators Founder Vadim Kotelnikov Innompic Games Vision Value Mantra Slogan  

The business design of INNOMPIC GAMES harmonises radical World-changing mega-innovations, the Art of Innovation A-to-Z/360,  and the Universal energies of Love, Yin and Yang, and the 5 Basic Elements to turn the Earth to the Planet of Loving Creators.

The holistic models of the Innompic Tree, 6Ws of Innompic Games  and balanced Yin-Yang Strategies are macro-components of the Innompic Business Design.



Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

All-inclusive Innompic social system leverages diversity. It is culture- and gender-friendly.

Vadim Kotelnikov




The Tree of IG

The from-roots-to-fruits Fruit Tree model of Harmonious Innovation was invented and applied to Innompic Games to create a holistic business design that would ensure natural growth and lasting success of IG.

  Business Design of Innompic Games IG Tree Vadim Kotelnikov Mission of Innompic Games IG Way 5 Basic Elements of Innompic Games 6Ws of Innompic Games Yin-Yang Strategies of Innompic Games United Innovators Global Breakhtroughs Value Created by Innompic Games Business Design Innompiology Vision The Tree of Innovation IG Tree - business design of harmonious growth of Innompic Games

6Ws of IG




As the business architect of INNOMPIC GAMES, I disrupt man-made things, but not the Universal Laws of Nature.

Here is how I harmonize the 5 Basic Elements of the Universe to design the wheel of balanced and continuous growth of INNOMPIC GAMES and their lasting success.

  5 Basic Elements of Innompic Games Innompic Games Vision Feedback Creation Show Contests Teams Founder Vadim Kotelnikov Learning Innovation is Love Value People Culture Leaders Helping People Grow Creation IG Way Stretch 5 Basic Elements 5 Basic Elements of Innompic Games

Yin-Yang of IG




Innompic Games were designed to maximise the value created for the participants in a harmonious 360 way. This balanced chart of assessment by participants of the value IG create for them  illustrates the essence of Innompic Games and holistic and harmonious nature of the way the events are designed.

  Benefits of Innompic Games Founder What Participants Like Most Feedback from Participants Value Created by Innompic Games Contests Accelerated Learning Team Contests All-Win Environment Creation Show Vision and Misson of Innompic Games Fun Joy United Innovators Innompic Games Participants Feedback: Spectrum of Likes, what people like most

Learning Booster







Innompic Ecosystem for disruptive innovation

Innompic Games: People

The Business Design of Innompic Games was strengthened through a series of  INNOBALL simulation games.

At a country level, the business design of INNOMPIC GAMES can be adapted to national requirements in case a country' wants to create greater value in some high priority field in order to boost entrepreneurial creativity and smartness, talent development. innovation and innovation-driven entrepreneurship.



Innompic Ratings of individuals, organisations, countries as world-changing harmonious innovators and loving creators

Innompic Ratings are ratings of  individuals, organisations and countries as innopreneurial loving creators and World-changing harmonious innovators.



INNOMPIOLOGY soclal science

Innompiology is the social science that examines and explains  how to create harmonious mega-innovations and civilizational breakthroughs.



Innompirsity, Innompic University - radical innovation, venturepreneurship, mega-innpvation, innopreneurship, business design

INNOMPIRSITY is the global Innompic university for World changers that teaches Innompiology, disruptive innopreneurship, how to create holistic harmonious mega-innovations and civilizational breakthroughs.