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Harmonious Mega-Innovation

Practicing and Teaching by Example


IG Way




Harmonious Mega-innovation is an innovation-driven large-scale complex venture that is transformational, impacts millions of people, is applied across many diverse sectors of economy, and uses a holistic development process that puts the well-being of people, organisations and our planet at the centre of creative strategies and efforts aimed at inventing and building of a better and sustainable future.







The Tree of IG

The from-roots-to-fruits Fruit Tree model of harmonious innovation was invented and applied to Innompic Games to pursue harmonious mega-innovation and create a holistic business design that would ensure natural growth and lasting success of IG.

  Business Design of Innompic Games IG Tree Vadim Kotelnikov Mission of Innompic Games IG Way 5 Basic Elements of Innompic Games 6Ws of Innompic Games Yin-Yang Strategies of Innompic Games United Innovators Global Breakhtroughs Value Created by Innompic Games Business Design Innompiology Vision The Tree of Innovation IG Tree - business design of harmonious growth of Innompic Games

Global Impact



IG Mega-Innovation: Evolution from Soft to Soft & Hard Innovation
Business Design
Experiments, Beta-Tests, Discoveries ('Small Giants')
Virrtuous Innovation Spiral


Model Innompic Pitch: INNOMPIC GAMES Vision Value Mantra United Innovators Founder Vadim Kotelnikov Innompic Games Vision Value Mantra Slogan


Innompic Planet of Loving CReators Dare to love, pursue your dream, make a difference 1st Innompic Games participants



Planet of Loving Creators


Innompic Games are to help

people, organizations and countries

to unlock their unlimited capabilities

for ideation and innovation

establishing an inspirational

 entrepreneurial creativity contest and accelerated learning platform


both participating teams and active spectators,

and by
creating next-wave opportunities

for innopreneurs throughout the World.


Solution to 7 Global Challenges



Innompic Ratings of individuals, organisations, countries as world-changing harmonious innovators and loving creators

Innompic Ratings

Ratings of  individuals, organisations and countries as innopreneurial loving creators and World-changing harmonious innovators.





IG is a powerful catalyst of both personal and economic growth


Value Mantra of IG


Learn, Create, Thrive



Vadim Kotelnikov, Founder of Innompic Games

Give innopreneurs a venture capital fund, and you'll feed some of them for a while. Give innopreneurs Innompic Games, and you'll feed all of them for centuries ahead.

Vadim Kotelnikov




Organisations & Economies

spark breakthrough creativity

awaken unique talents

inspire brilliant ideas

nurture entrepreneurial mindset

teach execution skills

empower proactive innovators

nourish creative teamwork

help enhance business designs

facilitate game-changing innovations

boost innovation-driven growth




New World, New Games

Olympic Games, the elder brother of Innompic Games, were invented about 3,000 years ago to showcase physical brilliance of athletes.

Innompic Games create much greater value. Innompics help both contestants and spectators all over the globe grow as loving creators and create a brighter future for others and for themselves.

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Differentiated Holistic Value

All-Inclusive Growth Booster

Innompic Games are not narrowly focused. Innompics create holistic value and are all-inclusive. Innompic Games are about constructive competition. They help both participants and spectators stretch themselves and learn how to create new great things and conquer diverse enemies of positive change on the way. Internet IG engage spectators who may also participate in special contests, stretch  and showcase their creative talents >>>

Above Politics

Innompic Games are not just beyond politics, Innompis are above politics. Innovation is about Love, and Love is above everything. Innompic Games boost passionate creation of innovative value for beloved consumers >>>

Innompics vs. Social Networks

Traditional social networks are primarily horizontal ‒ they help people socialize. Innompic Games are primarily vertical ‒ they help people grow.  >>>






Participant's feedback surveys demonstrate that the value created by INNOMPIC GAMES for all involved is well balanced.

This means that the overall business design of  World INNOMPIC GAMES is growing harmoniously.

  Benefits of Innompic Games Founder What Participants Like Most Feedback from Participants Value Created by Innompic Games Contests Accelerated Learning Team Contests All-Win Environment Creation Show Vision and Misson of Innompic Games Fun Joy United Innovators Innompic Games Participants Feedback: Spectrum of Likes, what people like most

Learning Booster





5 Basic Elements of Innompic Games

Fire: Passionate IG Leaders inspired and guided by the Innompic vision and mission attract visionmates, design the value that Innompic Games are to create and establish the values-based Innompic culture... More