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How To Market and Sell Out an Innovative Event





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Innovative Marketing

You must be creative if you want to create customers for an innovative product or service.

Traditional marketing techniques can deliver average results, but creative, yet empathetic, "out of the box" strategies can produce wonders. They can help you stand our from the crowd of competitors, get notices by prospective customers, and win them over.


Virtuoso Marketing

Haw to Market and Sell a Radically Innovative Product

Sell Creatively

Content Marketing

Attractive Headlines



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Focus on Enthusiasts and Visionaries

Customers of innovative products can be divided into several groups. Enthusiasts purchase a radically innovative solution before anybody else. Invite them to be a part of a world-changing event. Visionaries follow enthusiasts after they can see an initial list of attendants of an innovative event.




Seduce Influencers

Pay special attention to influencers: customize your marketing message to their needs, offer them a VIP treatment. Formal influencers, such as CEO, can bring several staff members to your innovative event if they like what you offer to them. Informal influencers can create a buzz about your event and/ or lead an informal group of participants.



Creative Marketing - stand out from the competition  

Stand Out from the Competition

Be Differentiated. Many events compete for your prospects time and money. They are your competitors, and you must differentiate competitively from them.

To stand out, you must be
① Remarkable ② Seducing:




Talk About What They'll Miss
By Not Coming

In addition to describing the benefits of attending, play on people's fear of missing out. Include positive testimonials and cute photos of previous attendees having great time in your marketing materials . If you run a business event, let potential attendees know that their direct or indirect competitors are attending.




Connect with Different Types of People




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Intuiters are the primary target audience of your marketing campaign. Intuiters are very interested in what's coming next. They look at the big picture and concentrate on possibilities. Give them what they need. Use the power of imagination to inspire your prospects to attend your innovative event.




Feelers are interested in feelings of others. Display third-party endorsements to engage Feelers as well. Show them how many people are attending, and whether any big names are coming.

Sensors have great respect for facts. To motivate them, provide facts when you emphasize your market leadership.




Thinkers are analytical, precise, and logical. So include some logical arguments in your event marketing campaign too..


Empathize with Your Customers





Coaching by Example





Marketing World Innompic Games




Innovation Olympics Innompic Games motto Smarter, Brighter, Worthier intellectual brother of Olympic Games  

New Games
for the New World

Established millenniums ago, Olympic Games help great athletes shine, but modern world is driven by creative and innovative people, not warriors. It needs also new intellectual Games.

Innompic Games




The Art of Innovation A-Z/360

Entrepreneurial creativity contests of Innompic Games are designed so that to approach the art of innovation holistically A-Z/360. The objective is to grow disruptive innopreneurs, not just inventors or business plan writers.

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Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of Innompic Games

Creation is our divine mission! Innompic Games are the World's #1 entrepreneurial creativity contests and a creation show.

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Creation Show

Innompic creation show is the most useful show because it turns people to loving creators and helps them grow fast.

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Vadim Kotelnikov, founder of Innompic Games

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