Innompic Small Giants soft innovations Vadim Kotelnikov, KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools


'Small Giants'

Simple, yet very powerful soft innovations
that help the venture
to achieve a greater success


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simple, yet very powerful soft innovations (Innompic gesture, Innompic anthem, 10 KITT, and other) that help Innompic Games be an amazing event and contribute immensely to the Innompic joyful all-win atmosphere 


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When you create a giant innovation,
you must also create some'small giants' ─ soft innovations
that would help your giant innovation to achieve a far greater success. 



Innovative Innompic Job titles - American Indians' style
Othman, please have badge made for my wife Irina Kotelnikova. Her photo and job title 'Friendly Scorpio' of Innompics World is in the list I sent you.
She is very good in critical thinking and, having watched something give very useful advices of what might be improved.
Thus I created a special job title 'Friendly Scorpio' in an American Indians' style.
I suggest - to make Innompic Ecosystem more remarkable and increase Innompic marketing buzz - give such job titles to some key people whose work cannot be described by traditional titles.
We'll announce this innovation at the opening ceremony of IG 2018. I'm sure the audience will react to it positively. And this will be a start of a new wave of buzz marketing for Innompic Games.






 Innompic Awards

WOW and Gold Coin Cards

WOW cards and Gold Coin cards are an important part of Innompic Games and contests as a great,  dynamic and emotionally rich  Creation Show and fun.  >>>

Wittiest Innovator

A person best skilled at
making clever and funny remarks or performances.

 Innompic Fun Teams

While Innompic teams are ideating, Innompic Fun Teams 'Fun4Biz' and 'Smart is Dumb' entertain and amaze the global audience by their smartness, wittiness and performing skills >>>