What the Malaysian Participants Liked Most




"Innompic Games is the best because it creates 'win-win' situation. This will inspire and motivate others to contribute to this Games. Innompic Games also sparks people to innovate and contribute to society."

~ Maisarah Binti M Mustafa


"The organizers really did it very well and congratulations for the achievement and efforts. The Innompic Games gonna be a prestigious Games one fine day."

~ Nur Amirah Qistina Binti Muhammad

Malaysia team 1st Innompic Games Innompic Gesture joyful



1st Innompic Games Malaysia Team presentation KoRe Innovative Thinking Tools torch rope

KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools (10 KITT)

"The most interesting thing about innompic games is the KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools that we have to use to explain our solution. These tools really help to give a clear view and adds some humor in the explanation."

"The most what I love about 1st innompic games is KoRe 10 Innovative Thinking Tools that we have to use to explain our solution. These tools really help to give a clear view and find our main solution for explanation."

~ Rosnah Binti Zakaria, Leader of the Malaysia Innompic Team



Intellectual Teamwork

"I like the way intellectual teamwork is organized. The process of development of a creative solution by a team is divided into two phases  'Garden’ and ‘Kitchen (The Garden phase is independent ideation by team members. Their individual ideas are then discussed and merged into an integrated solution during the Kitchen phase). ‘Ten head/idea is better than one’

~ Maisarah Binti M Mustafa

Malaysia innovation team Best in Intellectual Teamwork 1st Innompic Games award giving ceremony



Malaysia best innovation team 1st Innompic Games best innovators Innompics gesture joy fun eating  

"Thank you so much for the Innompic Games! We learned how successful innovators think, how to adopt the right mindset and anticipate challenges. We experienced a lot in anticipated innovators mindset on how they think. We learned how to create opportunities from challenges."

Nurdiyanah Sulaiman, Malaysia Innompic Games award winner innovator entrepreneur

"Good exposure for Malaysia and all other teams. So many good things we have learned! We learned how to organize the Games and how to assess capabilities of innovation teams. We invented innovative approaches to continuous improvement that we're going to implement while preparing for 2nd Innompic Games 2018 to be held in Malaysia."

Othman Ismail, Malaysia Coordinator Innompic Games Innompics Judge Innovation Guru


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