Strategic Ideation Approach

To develop ideas both effectively and efficiently, you need a clear understanding of where are you now, where you want to be, what are the barriers, and the strategy that addresses the identified challenge or problem.  >>>

The ideas you want to develop should flow the guiding principles and from the strategies you identify to achieve the objectives.

Objective is what you want to achieve. Strategy is how you propose to achieve the objective. Such strategic alignment defines which domains to explore and which ones to avoid.







Identify and Address the Right Problem

Don’t waste your resources on solving wrong problems – identify the right one.

The Loving Creator mindset will help you focus on the right things.

The 80/20 Principle can help you identify The Core Problem.

The 5-Why process can help you identify The Root Problem.





Strategic Problem Solving

Many factors affect your life and business. Strategic problem solving focuses on the most important ones – the key drivers and their interdependence. Ideas can be all over the place.

The Strategic Problem Solving process has five phases: structuring the problem; defining the desired result, constraints and strategy; gathering data and analyzing it; brainstorming ideas to develop recommendations; and gaining organizational buy-in.




  Innovation Brainball (Innoball)

Exceed your initially desired results


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