Benefits of Innompic Games

Every challenge-based Innompic contest is an opportunity to hone your outside-the-box thinking and ideation skills, creativity, inventiveness, entrepreneurial flexibility, and − most importantly − value innovation capabilities.





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Big Noble Mission

We are on a daring journey of turning the Earth to a peaceful Planet of Loving Creators.








Innompic Games are not about projects, they are about amazing people capable of creating World-changing innovations wonderfully.



Innompic Games: Events

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Business Design of Innompic Games

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Innompic Ecosystem for disruptive innovation

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Innompic Games − the younger intellectual brother of Olympic Games − is a civilizational breakthrough that couldn't wait any longer.


Innompic Games vs. Olympic Games


Olympic Games are beyond politics. Innompic Games are above politics.

Olympic Games are for athletes who stretch their physical capabilities.

Innompic Games are for innopreneurs who stretch their mind and the World!




United Nationals (UNs)

All-inclusive Innompic Games nurture peace and leverage diversity. IG are culture- and gender-friendly. People of all ages and professions can participate. Active spectators (actators) are also offered numerous opportunities to showcase their talents.

Contribution of IG to achievement of UN SDG